Tips For Planning The Perfect Birthday Party

Pick A Theme

easier to eat while standing or mingling.

Ask the birthday boy or girl what they like, and try to personalize the theme to them. They may find it less overwhelming if they can participate in the planning and set up of their own party!


Setting a budget helps keep your party on track. It also lets you know what your limitations are. Be sure to factor in unexpected costs.

For example, if you have a theme, don’t spend all of your budget on themed items. Use solid-coloured tablecloths that can easily be dressed up with a strip of colourful paper as a runner. Also, opt for colour-coordinated paper ware and utensils rather than buying a whole set of matching plates and cups.

Guest list

Once you have settled on the guest list, the rest of the planning process will fall into place. Choosing the right amount of food for the party, determining where to seat everyone and ordering any entertainment rentals (think: a photo booth or a DJ) will all depend on how many people you have invited.

Pick A Venue

It’s a good idea to start the party planning process at least two or three months in advance. This will give you enough time to find a venue, secure vendors and promote the event effectively. This will result in a higher turnout and smoother execution of the event.

The number of guests will also play a major role in choosing the right venue. Many venues have a maximum capacity that they can accommodate and booking one that is too small could lead to an uncomfortable and cramped atmosphere.