Bridal Beauty

Wedding days are moments which mark one of the highest moments in our lives. A bride lives with those memories forever, and sure most have photo albums specifically for this day. Just having a quick review of the photos adds a shine in their later lives, even when they are feeling low. Hence, putting all that into consideration, on one’s wedding they sure need to look spectacular, and at their very best. This is why a bridal beauty plan comes in handy. At least a month or two before the wedding day, one needs to embark on this beauty plan so avoid last minute rush of patching up one’s look with overwhelming make up, so as to hide the flaws.


The following is a bridal beauty plan, which will help you to know what to do prior to your wedding.


The Face


The face is the most crucial part of the body which everyone at a wedding is usually focused on. The face usually tells it all, from how one is feeling to their mood at that particular moment, hence the need to take into good consideration how it looks. One of the things one can do months before the wedding is an at- home peel, which is meant to remove the dead skin cells leaving your face looking radiant. This can be one on a monthly basis for several months before the wedding. Also one should visit a professional skin expert at least once before the wedding to carry out a facial, and also clear out any skin problems that you may be having. They will also advice you on other things such as what diet to observe so as to achieve a smooth and radiant face. On a daily basis also apply a suitable moisturiser meant for your complexion, and this in totality will ensure your face looks stunning on the wedding day.

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The Hair


Your hair sure goes a long way to complement a good looking face. For the hair, one needs to carry out a deep conditioning treatment. This will help repair hair, as well as making it silky smooth. Giving your hair a rest once a week, also has proved to yield very positive results. All the styling, drying and even shampooing of your hair causes it lots of stress, hence taking a day off from all that is healthy and gives the hair sometime for the natural processes within it to occur without any disturbances. About a week to your wedding day get proper trim to remove the dead ends, and give your hair a clear cut. This will leave your hair looking perfectly stunning.


The Body


Treating your body right months and weeks before the wedding will ensure you are comfortable with yourself on that day. One should do some exfoliation, to remove scaly skin, and leave your skin rejuvenated. After this apply a suitable moisturizer to prevent it from cracking due to drying. Hitting the spa will make your skin relax, and undergo some serious treatment. One needs to also wax the different parts of the body which need to be waxed leaving a smooth look on your body. Taking lots of water also makes sure your skin looks smooth and vibrant all through, and will experience less cracking.

The Feet and Hands


One should go ahead and get manicure and pedicure services from a professional, who will then advice on how regular one should undergo these procedures. Carrying out a foot scrub will also make one remove the dead or dry skin from the foot, and removing the unsightly patches. Make good use of your hand cream to make sure your hands are always moisturised, and also covering your feet in socks at night will moisturise and enrich them greatly. After all is done, a day or two before the wedding day, you can go ahead and get a professional to apply that classic pink polish on your nails to leave you feeling like a flower, and ready to walk down the aisle.