The Importance Of Men’s Health Check And How To Prevent Stroke


A stroke is a severe life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off! If you are a non-medical person, you need to know some details about this health problem in order to prevent it.

Stroke in majority of cases is caused by a blood clot that blocks or reduces the flow of blood to the brain. When brain cells are not getting enough blood supply due to a blockage in the artery, the death phase will begin which in many cases leads to paralysis. Men have a higher risk of stroke than women. Chances of stroke increases at the age of 55 and above. Regular men’s health check is recommended for males that are part of this age category group in order to figure out any disorder in the body’s normal functioning.

This post covers in detail the early signs of stroke in men and how to tackle the situation if one faces such a situation.


Causes and Risk Factors

Stroke is not dependent only on the interruption of blood vessels carrying blood toward the brain. Other factors play equal roles in increasing the chances of stroke. Some of the factors are discussed as follows:

Ageing Factor

As time passes, the body’s metabolic activity and functionality decline. For example, after a certain age, the rate of cell division slows down. The veins and arteries tend to get stiff and rigid. It leads to an increase in blood pressure. In addition, the exertion of force by the heart leads to damage to the cells.

Most stroke cases are reported in patients that are over 55, however, in recent years, the stroke occurrence in younger males has considerably increased. It is because the body’s capacity to handle any pressure, stress, or emotional burden reduces. Men are known to suffer more from this condition and this is probably due to the fact that they have more responsibilities on their shoulders.

The doctors recommend a regular men’s health check with the aim to reduce the chances of stroke and make all the needed lifestyle adjustments in order to prevent it.

The Diet

Eating a diet full of fats and cholesterol leads to narrowing the arteries and veins. Moreover, smokers are also at a higher risk and should stop tobacco inhalation as it reduces the lung’s oxygen-absorbing capacity.

As the oxygen saturation decreases, the brain cells will start lysing, and the situation will lead to a severe stroke. People that consume alcohol excessively are also at high risk of having a stroke. Avoiding alcohol, or only drinking moderately will help you prevent this serious life-threatening condition. As with any other disease, the best advice includes a healthy diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetables, maintaining a moderate weight and regular exercise.

Family Background

A person is more prone to this disease if he has a personal or family history of stroke. For example, diabetic patients or heart patients in their families have more risk of facing the same issue.


Early Signs of Stroke

The signs of stroke in men and women are identical. The common symptoms are pain, headache, and dizziness. Although these symptoms can be related to any other disease, some alarming signs target stroke:

  • confusion, including difficulty speaking and understanding speech
  • strong headache, possibly with altered consciousness or vomiting
  • vision problems in one or both eyes
  • difficulty walking, including dizziness and a lack of coordination

Furthermore, there will be a weakness due to which a person cannot move his parts of the body or of the face effortlessly.



Regular men’s health checks can help avoid and prevent life with disability or death. However, if you encounter any of the early signs of stroke mentioned above, you must take appropriate actions and if it is very severe then do not hesitate to call the ambulance.