Wedding Catering Cost Per Person

What exactly is a wedding catering? Catering is defined simply as the business of supplying food services in a remote area like a hotel, resort, cruise ship, or so forth, at a low price. A wedding catering is a caterer who supplies food and drink to a wedding occasion and may be a part of an entire wedding package or may be hired on an independent basis. Wedding catering can also be divided into a buffet and an open bar. Although the buffet is considered to be a more formal choice than the open bar, the two complement each other both in price and in tradition.

How Is Wedding Catering Managed?

Wedding catering is not as straightforward as deciding what to put on the menu and where to serve it. The amount of planning and preparation that goes into a successful wedding catering operation involves both time and money. The menu should include both light and heavy meals that will sustain the energy level of a large number of people for the duration of the reception. It will also help if the catering company has a good reputation for specializing in weddings, as they will be able to provide a range of options that fit any theme a wedding might have.

It would be a good idea for the wedding catering company to let the guests know beforehand what type of food will be served and how much it will cost. This will allow the guests to plan their own menus and to make appropriate dietary choices. As the company will probably provide a sit down meal with champagne, it will be up to the caterers to ensure the food is suitable for drinking on a hot summer’s night. For some guests, they may wish to avoid alcoholic beverages, whereas others may want a complete bar.

Organising Food And Wedding Buffet

If possible, the wedding reception buffet should be designed so that less food is on each plate. When ordering a plated dinner, it is important to request that the server add extra spares to the meal in order to feed the people who are eating at the buffet. This is because the buffet itself is an open dining occasion, and the food that is served there will feed everyone who is eating there. In a sense, the plated dinner will become the focal point of the entire reception.

As far as wedding catering is concerned, there are many things to keep in mind when thinking about the type of food to serve, the price, the number of people being catered to, the number of servers and the number of glasses of beverages that the caterers will need. In short, the wedding reception buffet can be the centre of attention, or it can be a small distraction that can be eliminated by simply adjusting the price. Another thing to keep in mind is that the size of the wedding cake should not be bigger than the amount of food that will be served at the reception. A simple rule of thumb is to serve dessert at the reception and the wedding cake should be no larger than a standard dessert menu.

Calculating Wedding Food Costs

One way to get a handle on the average wedding catering cost per person is to calculate how much money will be spent on each style of food, then divide that total by the number of guests. This is the average cost per person. Of course, the more people who are in attendance at the reception, the higher the average cost will be. However, the service style and price can remain relatively constant if the number of servers is low. The service style can also become a problem if the catering company has very few employees, or if the staff does not follow basic wedding catering guidelines.