Build A Website For Your Bridal Blog

The lead up to your wedding is the perfect time to build a website for your beauty blog. If you are a pro at organisation then your beauty blog should help you through the planning stages bit by bit, you never know after blogging you may want to use a website builder to create a day-to-day lifestyle blog.

Start A Blog

OK so the blog you are going to create on a website builder is going to be based on all things bridal. Depending on your interests you may want to write something on fashion, flowers, wedding venues, cakes or even all of the above.

If you are having a themed wedding even better as this will give you a strong narrative when you are writing your posts. Readers can join you on your journey and they will love having an insight into your big day.

Naming Your Blog

First things first you will need to decide on a name for your blog. You should do some research into other bridal bloggers, read their stories and ask friends for help! Social media is the best place for market research as your friends and family will more than likely give you honest feedback that you can work from. After that you will need to decide on a platform and browse available design options.

If you have never done this before, don’t worry, you do not need to start from scratch. Website templates are great for those who are more interested in blogging than in web design who. A website builder gives you all the images and background that you need to make your website look completely professional.

Create A Website

You can create a website using a website builder such as Website Builder UK. This site is often used by business due to the professional design of the themes that they use. It is perfect for bloggers to use and it will take you no time at all to figure your way around it.

On their website they say “WebsiteBuilderUK allows you to design, build, manage and promote your website easily and effectively”.  These types tend to be easier and less technical. You can go as far as you want with this type of website as they are packed with extra features but are flexible enough to add as you go, plus you only pay for what you need.

Mobile Optimisation

Make sure that your readers can access you blog while they are using their mobile. It is likely that your friends and readers will access your blog using social media on their mobile phone. If your website is not optimised it is likely that they will not bother. Build a website that you are proud of!

Experts in the digital marketing field also suggest that you balance your text with some visuals “Visual content is more engaging than text alone and as people consume more content from mobile devices, the value of visual assets only goes up”.