Using Temporary Structures to Make your Venue Unique & Personal

couple chose to hire event staff to serve drinks at venue

Create & Design your own Temporary Structures

Hotels, Castles, Barns, Warehouses, Beaches, Farms and Galleries…only a few of the most popular venues to hold your big day in. Although these venues can be absolutely stunning as they are, they can also feel quite unoriginal and uninspiring no matter how you decorate them.

More and more couples aspire to add a special touch to their wedding venue to not only impress their guests but also differentiate their wedding from others. Adding personal touches, for example, flowers and candle displays are a popular way to do this, however, creating your own temporary structures to enhance and divide the space is a clever way to alter the venue.

VBS Structures help you create and design your own custom interior or exterior for your chosen venue to make your day even more special and memorable. They use designers and architects to achieve the results of your own ideas.

Temporary structures, such as glass walls or steel frames can break up and enhance day and evening spaces within the venue. Draping different types of materials fabrics is another, softer way to divide venue or add decoration to wall and ceilings. VBS structures can also fit door canopies and add special lighting to transform the room.

Taking the extra time to work with designers to enhance your space will be worth it in the end when you see your venue on the day!

Need an Extra Helping Hand? Why not Hire Event Staff!

couple hire event staff to decorate venue

If you choose an independent location or raw space such as a barn or warehouse it is essential to bring in extra help to fill up empty glasses of champagne or serve

little trays of canapes to allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy the day!

It is very trendy these days to have DIY weddings in a tent or marquee and decorate them with lights, candles and other homemade interiors to make a wedding as unique and personal as possible. As much as it is fun to decorate the space on your own with the help of friends and family, it is obviously essential that you are all ready and dressed on time for other guests to arrive.

It would be very beneficial to hire event staff for the day to help set up and decorate your venue, watch the door in case some unwanted guests appear as well as serve the meal and the drinks at the bar. Ten Ten Events supply experienced, knowledgeable staff for events, such as weddings in order to help your day run much more smoothly.