Choosing the Best Colours for a Nursery in Bearsden

nursery with a various assortment of miscellaneous toys and items

When you have saved up enough for the perfect colours for your nursery in Bearsden, there are a considerable variety of colours to choose from. The most common are pink, purple, green, and blue. Other popular choices include orange, yellow, and neutrals like white, black and grey. Ultimately, the choice of colour depends on the overall look you want to create, as well as the personality of your child.

best nursery colours


There are several shades of orange available for your nursery in Bearsden. It can make your room feel cosy and sunny or be very bold and dramatic. The key is to pick the right colour and use it in moderation.

Orange is a popular colour for babies’ rooms because it provides comfort. It can also add a fun flair to a baby’s room.

Choosing the right nursery colour is not as simple as it seems. If you choose a colour that’s not complementary to other colours in your room, you may have a confused look. Moreover, you might have to worry about how it affects your child’s sleep cycle.


Purple is one of the best nursery colours because it offers two qualities that make it ideal for a baby’s room. First, it combines the calming effects of blue with the nurturing femininity of pink.

The hues of purple offer a variety of different themes and can easily blend into any nursery decor. Choosing the right shade of purple is crucial, however. Here are some tips to help you find the right shade for your baby’s nursery.

The colour purple is associated with royalty, spirituality, and wisdom. However, the regal colour also evokes magic, mystery, and luxury.


The best nursery colours are those that promote rest, relaxation and health. In addition, the right colour can transform an interior into something more than just a place for your child.

One of the most popular colours is green. This calming colour can help reduce anxiety, promote calmness and increase focus. It is also an excellent alternative to the typical shades of pink and blue used in baby nurseries.

Green can be a very versatile and neutral colour. Depending on your style, you can use it to create a nursery that’s modern, traditional, bohemian or nautical.


Yellow is an excellent colour for a nursery. The internet is awash with baby rooms in this vibrant hue. However, too much bright yellow can be overpowering. A more subtle shade is the way to go.

Another great colour to consider is grey. This classic colour is versatile and can be combined with other shades, making it an excellent option for a nursery.

It is also one of the easiest colours to work with. You can add a pop of colour with a piece of statement furniture or a chevron pattern rug.


Neutrals as nursery colours have come a long way from pinks and blues. While they’re still not considered trendy, these colours offer a soothing mix of warm and cool. They’re also not colourless and can work with just about any theme.

To add a little pop to your neutral. A vibrant one can make a tiny space feel much more significant.

You can create a calming room with organic neutrals and a hint of texture. Walls painted with murals or wallpaper will transform your nursery.


Boho nursery colours are warm, earthy and bright. These colours are perfect for creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. They also work well with the layered textures that make up boho designs.

Colours to choose from for your boho nursery include neutral earthy tones, soft pastels, and rich ochre shades. Neutral colours can be combined with bright accents, such as brilliant furniture, a laundry hamper, or toys.

In addition to warm colours, your nursery should have a comfortable seating area. Incorporating a cosy armchair or lounge chair with blankets is a good idea. Adding a few cuddly toys to the nursery will also help with the warm and welcoming nature of the room.


Pink is a great colour to use in your baby’s nursery. It is a calming colour that has the effect of promoting peace, happiness, and growth. This shade can also boost concentration, which is especially important for newborns. However, pink can be a little overwhelming if you overdo it.

If you’re thinking about adding pink to your nursery, be sure to choose a shade that isn’t too fuchsia. Too much colour can create an irritable and unsettling atmosphere for your baby.

Another option is pastel pink. A softer pink like Benjamin Moore’s Cream Puff can be paired with greys to give your nursery a beautiful, delicate look.