The Perfect Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids

The process of choosing and asking your bridesmaids to stand by you on your big day, is an unforgettable moment. You wish for it to be perfect. Often, brides will buy their bridesmaids gifts when asking them to be a part of the big day. However, it can be difficult to get creative when there are so many other tasks to tick off the list before the day comes around. Here are some bridesmaid gift ideas for that special moment:

Go Personal

A personal touch to any gift, makes it even more special. A great way to incorporate this, is to have their name printed onto the gift that you are giving. This could be personalised makeup bags, champagne flutes, pyjamas, jewellery etc. This could be subject to each person, or everyone could have the same gift with their personalisation.

Something For the Big Day

Another thoughtful and convenient gift to give to your bridal party is something that they can actually use on the day itself. This could be some sort of beauty product such as lipstick. You could give this gift to your girls as you ask them, or just before the big day itself. You could also pick different types, shades, formulas to fit each specific person for that added touch.


If you wanted to go with a sentimental approach for each bridesmaid, photographs are a great way to do this. Photographs capture special moments that we wish to live on. You could pick your favourite photo of yourself and the person, and have it made in a frame for them to keep forever. The memory of the photograph itself is there, but also the future memory of that special moment between yourself and your bridal party will be there forever.

Keep It Simple

For a more simplistic approach to your gifts, you could take the route of simply having “Will you be my bridesmaid” written on any gift you wish to give. This could be bracelets, cards, boxes, food etc. This approach can be classy, simplistic and does all the talking for you.