Timing Your Wedding Treatments

rides are well aware of the fact that getting everything ready before the wedding is difficult at the best of times. The fact that brides typically invest more effort in grooming than their grooms only makes things a lot more difficult. One of the tough parts of certain parts of grooming is that brides will have to time everything correctly. They should establish a schedule and timetable in advance in order to stay organised, knowing that some cosmetic treatments cannot wait to the last minute and that some can.


Many brides want to get their eyebrows waxed, and they might want a bikini wax as well. It’s important to avoid doing this on the same day of the wedding or the day before the wedding. The areas might still look red if this is the case. Doing it four days in advance or a week in advance could work, however.

Hair removal is tricky. If people do it too far in advance, the hair will start to grow back just in time for the wedding. If people do it too close to the actual day, the area might not have fully healed. Brides who are in a rush might want to go to a specialist who is capable of using less invasive methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Some of the unwanted hair could be bleached instead of removed, for instance. There are many natural methods that will cause less skin irritation compared with wax.

Manicures and Pedicures

Brides can certainly get their nails done two days before the wedding. This is one of the procedures that do not really have a strict timetable attached to it. There is typically no healing required in something like this. Of course, brides should avoid doing something like this more than a week in advance. Depending on the manicure or pedicure that they get, the results might have faded by the wedding if they get everything done too early. Since these are relaxing cosmetic procedures, many brides aren’t going to mind getting them performed a couple of days in advance.


Brides who want to use tanning beds will struggle when it comes to timing. Physical tans will fade very quickly. Tans also have a way of drying out the skin, causing brides to undermine some of their other skin care methods. It’s recommended these days that brides get sunless tans as opposed to the old-fashioned tans.

Some brides are worried about this, because they believe that the sunless tanning material is going to stain their white dresses. However, there are plenty of applications that were designed to cling to the skin and nothing else. It’s recommended that brides useSunFX Spray-on Tanning today and similar applications, which are organic and good for the skin.


Getting everything right when it comes to cosmetics is tricky on a regular basis anyway. When it comes to bridal beauty, a lot of women will feel overwhelmed. However, they don’t have to do everything on the same day, or even the same week.