Let’s Go Girls: Brides Get Ready

Many brides care about every little detail on their big days. They want to have the healthiest skin in order to make sure that there aren’t any tiny imperfections that will show up in their wedding pictures. In order to make that work, it’s essential for brides-to-be to prepare as early as possible.

Choosing the Right Skin Treatments

Having gorgeous and glowing skin in time for the wedding is a priority for many brides. However, if there’s only a week left, it is genuinely too late for some skin treatments. Injections, chemical peels, and laser treatments might be able to work well enough for the brides who still have six months to go before their weddings.

If the wedding is next week, then brides will still be in the healing stage if they’ve only just gotten their injections, laser treatments, or chemical peels. That’s the sort of thing that is going to show up in pictures. It’s important to be realistic about what’s possible in the days leading up to the wedding. If brides think that they need many of these more invasive procedures before their weddings, they should give themselves as much time as possible in advance.


Getting Facials

If the wedding is a week in advance, it’s a good time to get a facial. A facial is not going to cause any issues that will require healing. However, even if brides get their facials a week in advance of the wedding, the results will still usually be visible a week or so later. They will truly get the best of both worlds.


Brides should also ideally start wearing more sunscreen at about this time. There are some brides who want to tan before their weddings. However, that still doesn’t mean that they should avoid sunscreen most of the time in order to preserve the tan. Tanning is also much less popular than it used to be, which brides should keep in mind. By wearing more sunscreen in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding, brides are more likely to get that luminous look that never goes out of style.


Brides who exfoliate all the time anyway might not have to make a lot of changes to their beauty regimens in the week before the wedding. For the brides who have less experience with this sort of thing, St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Body Scrub is a great tool that can be used every single day in order to create very soft and smooth skin before the wedding. Some brides might also find that they love it so much that they will want to keep on using it after the wedding in order to maintain that same glowing skin.


Brides should take care of themselves in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding. Bridal beauty is largely about health. Healthy brides who are doing everything in a relaxed manner will be much more likely to get the results that they want.